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July 27, 2007



Isn't it terrible that an animal needs rescuing at only 8 weeks?


That dog was born to be a Buster. Perfect name!


Awww! So cute!


Makes you realize that people need to be responsible pet owners and get their pets neutered or spayed....


I can't even imagine not having a pet fixed with so many unwanted animals out there. I'm so happy to have rescued Buster. He had a brother that was adopted from Ginger's pet rescue as well. We love him so much!


so cute!


When I look at dogs, there is a single criterion that defines whether or not I want to just take it home and snuggle with it--is he scrappy?

Buster is waaay scrappy. I want to play with him so bad right now.

PS: Lucy is rockin' some serious scrappiness as well. You've got some great pets.


I'm gonna recommend you take him to a groomer to get his ears plucked as soon as possible (unless he doesn't need it done, look in his ear canal, is it full of hair?)
Speaking as a dog groomer, Schnauzers have a LOT of ear hair (typically) which needs to be plucked to prevent ear infections, and get the air circulating. It's best to start at an early age; so they understand it is a part of life and won't be afraid.
You can just swing by a Petsmart and get it done on the spot.


SO CUTE!!!! He reminds me a bit of my super scrappy guy I rescued. I just want to snuggle him!


He's a super stinker! His new favorite thing to do is dig up the cat poo out of the garden and run around with it in his mouth!! We love him anyway :)

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