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March 28, 2007



You do know that wedding dresses are sized up right?? I don't understand the logic of that really...don't the designers realize that we want to be smaller, not larger, on our wedding day??? I got my dress at David's Bridal (this summer it will be 10 years!) and I loved it. I got a great dress at a GREAT price. Try a different store and see if the experience is better. Don't let one bad apple ruin your dress experience!! Best to you.


I experienced the same event at Davids Bridal! it was my whole wedding party and i who went there with out an appointment. I received worst service ever... There were 5 employees standing in the front when i walked in and all i asked was where are your petite sizes. The first thing that came out was do you have an appointment i said no. Do i have to have one? the lady said yes. So i put down my name and waited for 45 mins the people were still standing up front. I was getting very mad buy then because they had time to come up to us and tell us not to take the dresses off the rack but no time to help us. Very rude service i thought. All there excuses were when i was in there is that they are wating for there "appointments".

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Yes, rightly said, a well stitched dress can add more stars to your looks and beauty. So, even after chosing the right dress for a right occassion, it is also important that it gives you a dashing look.


Not sure what davids bridal you all went to, i went to mines in my town and had a great experience. Every time i go , i go without an appointment and get treated no different. They are very friendly and help me any questions i might have about the dresses and sizes. And i go very often , and they never seem to act like im a problem, so i dunno, maybe its just the type people that were there that day, maybe the had an attitude or a bad day before they came into work that day!

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Very nice story of a bridal nightmare.. It should be nice if the dress were simple but elegant..The dress should be more attractive at the wedding scene.. :D

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