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February 24, 2012


lindsey carlson

I could kiss you! I am NOT spending $100 bucks on that book but was hoping I could find that pattern to download. You rock. Thanks for saving my three year old's birthday party!

Suzy Fairchild

Hurray! So glad to help :D We luckily found our book for $1 at an estate sale. I'll be posting more patterns soon. Next is a Huckle doll! My 3 year old LOVES Busy Town too! Have fun!


Thank you so much for sharing! I'm planning a Busytown party and this will be perfect. Of course, the Huckle doll would be pretty cool, too... (wink, wink)


Thanks so much for posting the pattern - My three year old is so excited about his Lowly! I was pretty bummed out for awhile because that book is so expensive online and I mainly just wanted Lowly.


So happy to help! :D


Can't wait to see the other patterns you have to post!


Thank you so much for posting this! My mum made me a lowly worm when I was little, and I hoped to do the same for my son, but the cost of the original book, plus postage to New Zealand would have been nuts! Now I can!


Thank you very, very much for posting this pattern - I really appreciate it and look forward to making a Lowly for each one of my three children.

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