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May 29, 2009



oh my, the vintage trees are GORGEOUS!!!


Hi There!
I have been searching and searching for the vintage tree fabric in the photo above, as I found a mid-century lounge/rocking chair covered in the SAME exact fabric, only with a black background this summer in nearly perfect condition. It's gorgeous, but it needs some "patching!" Can you tell me (if at all possible) the make and manufacturer and/or the designer? From what I've gathered it may be Scandinavian, but I don't know. ANY info from this fabric would be so helpful for me with my quest! Thanks!


I will see if I can find out any info on this fabric :)


There's a mark on the fabric! It says:
Saison Happily-Married Fabrics VAT Prints Preshrunk

I hope this helps! I'll let you know if I ever find any in black.


THANK YOU! I really REALLY appreciate it!


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